Diatomite added to paint for extinction and adsorption of odor, has been used in foreign countries for many years, domestic enterprises gradually realize that diatomite applied to paint and diatom mud excellent performance.

Indoor and outdoor coatings, decoration materials, and diatom mud produced with diatomite not only do not emit harmful chemicals, but also improve the living environment.

First of all, the indoor humidity can be automatically adjusted. The main component of diatomite is silicate, and the indoor and outdoor coatings and wall materials produced with it have the characteristics of superfiber and porosity, and the ultra-fine pores are 5000 to 6000 times more than charcoal. When the indoor humidity rises, the ultra-fine holes in the diatomite wall can automatically absorb moisture from the air and store it. If the moisture in the indoor air is reduced and the humidity is reduced, the diatomite wall material can release the moisture stored in the ultra-fine pores.

Next, diatomite wall material still has the function that eliminates peculiar smell, maintain indoor cleanness. Research and experimental results show that diatomite can act as a deodorant. If titanium oxide is added to the diatomite composite material, it can eliminate odor and absorb and decompose harmful chemicals for a long time, and keep the indoor walls clean for a long time, even if there are smokers in the home, the walls will not turn yellow.

the last but not the leaset, research report thinks, diatomite decorates material to still can absorb and decompose the material that causes person allergy, produce medical treatment effect. The absorption and release of water by diatomite wall material can produce waterfall effect and decompose water molecules into positive and negative ions. Because water molecules are wrapped, forming positive and negative ion groups, and then with water molecules as carriers, floating around in the air, has the ability to kill bacteria. The positive and negative ions floating around in the air are immediately surrounded and isolated by allergens and other harmful substances such as bacteria and mold. Then, the most active hydroxyl ions in the positive and negative ion groups react violently with these harmful substances, and finally decompose them completely into harmless substances such as water molecules.

Post time: Jun-24-2022