The advantages and significance of diatomite as a carrier of pesticides update the application of diatomite in agriculture as a pesticide.
Although the common synthetic pesticides are quick acting, they have high production costs and many chemical components, and are very easy to pollute the environment after use. As we all know, diatomite is non-toxic, harmless and soft. In agricultural applications, diatomite is easy to be separated from agricultural products. The separated diatomite can be recycled for secondary use, which will not damage the growth of grain, but also has the effect of killing insects, and the effect of killing insects has been recognized by many pest control professionals. It is now widely used in insecticides.
The reason why diatomite can be used to control pests is that when pests crawl in oil mixed grain and diatomite, they will be attached to them by diatomite, thus damaging the wax layer and waterproof structure on the surface of pests, so that the water in the main part of pests will be lost, and the pests will die after losing water. In addition, the extract of diatomite can also be used as an orchard insecticide and herbicide. Directly burying diatomite in the soil or sprinkling it on the ground can effectively kill pests.
Diatomite, because of its unique characteristics, shines brightly in agricultural applications, and has achieved ideal results in soil improvement and pest control. Reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides can not only promote the development of agriculture, but also achieve the goal of protecting the environment and adhering to green development.

Post time: Dec-01-2022