Status Quo of Comprehensive Utilization of Diatomite Products at Home and Abroad

1 Filter aid

There are many kinds of diatomite products, one of the main uses is to produce filter aids, and the variety is the largest, and the amount is the largest. Diatomite powder products can filter out solid particles in the liquid, Suspended substances, colloidal particles and bacteria play a role in filtering and purifying liquids. The main application areas of filter aids are beer, medicine (used in antibiotics, plasma, vitamins, Filtration of synthetic medicine, injections, etc.), water purification filtration, oil industry, organic solutions, paints and dyes, fertilizers, acids, alkalis, seasonings, sugars, alcohol, etc.

Celatom Diatomaceous Earth

2 Fillers and coatings Diatomaceous earth is widely used as a filler for polymer-based composite materials such as plastics and rubber. Its chemical composition, crystal structure, particle size, particle shape, surface properties, etc. determine its filling performance. Modern new polymer-based composite materials not only require non-metallic mineral fillers to increase and reduce material costs, but more importantly, they can improve the performance of fillers or have functions such as reinforcement or enhancement.

3 Building materials and thermal insulation materials The foreign producers of diatomite building materials and insulation materials are in Denmark, Romania, Russia, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Its products mainly include insulation bricks, calcium silicate products, powders, Calcium silicate board, cement additives, foam glass, lightweight aggregates, asphalt pavement mixture additives, etc.

Diatomaceous Earth Celite 545


Diatomite in my country cannot meet market requirements in terms of variety and product quality, and has not been fully used in many fields. Therefore, according to the characteristics of diatomite in my country, learning from foreign advanced technology, improving the quality of diatomite, and developing new uses of diatomite will bring new opportunities to the diatomite industry. In terms of environmentally friendly building materials, the use of diatomaceous earth to produce new ceramic tiles, ceramics, coatings, absorbent materials and light building materials is changing with each passing day. However, my country is still in its infancy and its potential market is very huge. In terms of environmental pollution control, the application technology of diatomite membrane formation has also received extensive attention in recent years. A variety of diatomite separation membranes have been developed successively, and the purification and treatment technology of diatomite has also become increasingly perfect. Environmental protection. In terms of agriculture, in the national “Tenth Five-Year Plan” for the development of the grain industry, my country has clearly proposed the development of the application of diatomite to prevent and control stored-grain insect pests. If it is widely promoted in agriculture, it will not only save a lot of food, but also play an important role in my country’s soil and water conservation, ecological restoration and improvement. It is believed that in the near future, the application field of diatomite in our country will be wider and wider, and the development prospects will be broader.

Post time: Sep-09-2021