Diatomite is non-toxic and harmless, and its adsorption has no effect on the effective ingredients, food taste and smell of food. Therefore, as an efficient and stable filter aid, diatomite filter aid is widely used in the food industry. Therefore, it can also be said to be a food grade diatomite filter aid.
1、 Beverages
1. Carbonated beverage
The quality of white sugar syrup added in the production process of carbonated drinks plays an important role in the quality of finished products. For white sugar syrup produced by vulcanization, diatomite, together with the active carbon added in the syrup in advance, can effectively remove most of the substances in white sugar, such as colloids that will cause beverage flocculation and lead to impure taste, slow down the increase of filtering resistance caused by the blockage of filter coating by difficult filtering substances, and increase the amount of filtering cycles, At the same time, it reduces the color value of white sugar syrup, improves the clarity of syrup, and finally meets the requirements of producing high-quality carbonated drinks.
2. Clear juice drink
In order to reduce the precipitation and flocculent phenomenon after the storage of clear juice drinks, the key is to filter during the production process. In the production of ordinary clear juice drinks, the juice is filtered after enzymolysis and clarification. There are various ways of filtering. The juice filtered by diatomite has most of the solid substances in the juice, such as plant fibers, denatured colloids/proteins, filtered. Under the condition of 6 ° – 8 ° Bx, the light transmittance can reach 60% – 70%, sometimes even up to 97%, and the turbidity is lower than 1.2NTU, greatly reducing the occurrence of late precipitation and floccules.
3. Oligosaccharides
As food added sugar, oligosaccharides have obvious advantages in many carbohydrate products due to their soft sweetness, health care performance, food softening, easy operation in liquid state and low price. However, in the production process, many solid impurities must be removed, and many proteins need to be filtered after being adsorbed and decolored by activated carbon to form sediment. Among them, activated carbon has two functions: adsorption and filtering aid. Although the secondary decolorization process is adopted, the filtration effect of the product meets the requirements, but the adsorption and decolorization effect is not ideal or the adsorption and decolorization effect is good but difficult to filter. At this time, diatomite filter aid is added to help filter. In the middle of the primary decolorization filtration and ion exchange, diatomite and activated carbon are jointly used to filter, and the light transmittance reaches 99% through 460nm detection. The diatomite filter aid solves the above filtering problems and removes most impurities, Not only the product quality is improved, but also the amount of activated carbon is reduced and the production cost is reduced.

Post time: Dec-21-2022