Condiments: MSG, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.;

Drinks: beer, white wine, rice wine, fruit wine, various beverages, etc.;

Medicines: antibiotics, synthetic plasma, vitamins, Chinese medicine extracts, various syrups, etc.;

Water treatment: tap water, industrial water, industrial wastewater, domestic water, swimming pool water, bath water, etc.;

Chemical products: inorganic acid, organic acid, alkyd resin, titanium sulfate solution, etc.;

Industrial oils: lubricating oil, mechanical cooling oil, transformer oil, various engine oils, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, petrochemical products, etc.;

Food oils: vegetable edible oil, animal oil, etc.;

Sugar industry: fruit grape syrup, high fructose syrup, glucose syrup, glycoside sucrose, beet sugar, honey;

Other categories: plum preparations, vegetable oil, seaweed glue, electrolyte, milk products, citric acid, gelatin, bone glue and other materials used for filtration. Diatomite filter aid can be produced into filter discs and filtered by pressure.



Application range of industrial filler:

A. Pesticide industry: wettable powder, dryland herbicide, paddy field herbicide and various biological pesticides. Advantages of applying diatomaceous earth: neutral PH value, non-toxic, good suspension performance, strong adsorption performance, light bulk density, oil absorption rate of 115%, fineness of 325 mesh-500 mesh, good mixing uniformity, no use Blocking agricultural machinery pipelines can moisturize the soil, loosen the soil quality, prolong the time of drug effect and fertilizer effect, and promote the growth of crops.

B. Compound fertilizer industry: compound fertilizer for various crops such as fruits, vegetables, flowers and grass. The advantages of applying diatomite: strong adsorption performance, light bulk density, uniform fineness, neutral pH value and non-toxic, good mixing uniformity. Diatomaceous earth can become a highly effective fertilizer, promote the growth of crops, improve soil and other aspects.

C. Rubber industry: fillers in various rubber products such as vehicle tires, rubber tubes, triangle belts, rubber rolling, conveyor belts, and car mats. Advantages of applying diatomaceous earth: It can significantly enhance the rigidity and strength of the product, and the sedimentation volume can reach 95%, and it can improve the product’s chemical properties such as heat resistance, wear resistance, heat preservation, and aging resistance. D. Building thermal insulation industry: roof thermal insulation layer, thermal insulation bricks, calcium silicate thermal insulation materials, porous briquettes, sound insulation, thermal insulation and fireproof decorative panels, etc. thermal insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation building materials, wall sound insulation decorative panels, floor tiles, ceramics Products, etc.; Advantages of applying diatomaceous earth: diatomaceous earth should be used as an additive in cement. Adding 5% diatomaceous earth to the production of cement can improve the strength of ZMP. The SiO2 in the cement becomes active and can be used as emergency cement.


E. Plastic industry: plastic products for daily life, construction plastic products, agricultural plastics, window and door plastics, various plastic pipes, and other light and heavy industrial plastic products. Advantages of applying diatomite: excellent extensibility, high impact strength, tensile strength, tear strength, light weight, soft, good internal abrasion, and good compressive strength.

F. Paper industry: various papers such as office paper and industrial paper; Advantages of applying diatomaceous earth: light and soft, with a fineness in the range of 120 mesh to 1200 mesh. The addition of diatomaceous earth can make the paper smooth, light in weight, good in strength, and reduce the expansion and contraction caused by changes in humidity. It can be adjusted in cigarette paper. Burning rate, without any toxic side effects, in the filter paper can improve the clarity of the filtrate, and speed up the filtration rate. G. Paint and coating industry: various paint and coating fillers such as furniture, office paint, architectural paint, machinery, home appliance paint, mimeo ink, bitumen, automobile paint, etc.; Advantages of applying diatomaceous earth: neutral pH, non-toxic, fineness of 120 mesh to 1200 mesh, light and soft body, it is a high-quality filler in oil paint.

H. Feed industry: various feed additives for pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, birds, aquatic products, etc. Advantages of applying diatomite: PH value is neutral, non-toxic, diatomite mineral powder has a unique pore structure, light weight, soft, large porosity, strong adsorption performance, forming a light and soft color, and can be evenly dispersed in the feed , And mixed with feed particles, not easy to separate out, promote digestion after livestock and poultry eat, and can absorb the bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract of livestock and poultry, and then excrete the body, strengthen the body, strengthen the muscles and bones, and put aquatic products in fish. The water quality in the pond becomes clear, the air permeability is good, and the survival rate of aquatic products is improved.

I. Polishing and friction industry: brake pad polishing, mechanical steel plate, wood furniture, glass, etc. in vehicles; Advantages of applying diatomaceous earth: strong lubricating performance.

J. Leather and artificial leather industry: all kinds of leather such as artificial leather products. Advantages of applying diatomaceous earth: strong sun protection, soft and light body, can eliminate leather pollution

K. High-quality filler for balloon products: light capacity, neutral PH value, non-toxic, light, soft and smooth powder, good strength performance, sun protection and high temperature resistance.

L. Diatomaceous earth is used as a high-quality filler for mosquito coils. Diatomaceous earth can absorb drugs and improve the mosquito-killing effect.


Advantages of applying diatomaceous earth: PH value is neutral, non-toxic, light weight 0.35, fine powder, good mixing uniformity, SiO267%, promote human health. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the enhancement of health awareness must use non-toxic and smoke-free mosquito coils.

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