Diatomaceous earth for animal feed

Yes, you read that right! Diatomaceous earth can also be used in the feed industry.

Because the PH value of diatomaceous earth is neutral and non-toxic, in addition, diatomaceous earth has a unique pore structure, light and soft, large porosity, and strong adsorption performance. It can be uniformly dispersed in the feed and mixed with feed particles. , It is not easy to separate out.

5% diatomaceous earth can prolong the retention time of feed in the stomach and increase the absorption of residual digestive materials. Adding diatomaceous earth to chicken feed can not only significantly save feed, but also increase profit.

Diatomite used in mosquito coils

When summer is here, mosquitoes begin to wreak havoc, and many mosquito repellent products have begun to sell well. Mosquito coils are a typical one.


In our mosquito coils, diatomaceous earth is actually added. This is mainly due to the super adsorption performance of diatomaceous earth, which can better absorb the mosquito repellent drugs added in the mosquito coils and help the mosquito coils to play a better role in repelling mosquitoes. effect.

In addition, using diatomite’s excellent adsorption performance, diatomite is often added to the field of pesticides to help crops better prevent pests.

Diatomite used for building wall materials

Small body, big energy. Diatomaceous earth has a very wide range of uses in life. Of course, diatomite’s greatest effect is reflected in the interior wall decoration!

Post time: May-25-2021