Recently, a new type of filter material called “diatomite filter material” has attracted much attention in the water treatment and food and beverage industries. Diatomite filter material, also known as “diatomite filter aid”, is a natural and efficient filter material, which can be widely used in filtration and separation operations in different fields.
Diatomite filter material is a kind of fine powder formed from the remains of diatomaceous organisms, with extremely high porosity and extremely fine pore size, so it can play a role of filtration and purification in water treatment and food and beverage processing. Compared with traditional filter materials, diatomite filter material has higher filtration efficiency and longer service life, and has no negative impact on water quality and the taste and quality of food and beverage.
It is reported that diatomite filter material has been widely used in water treatment, beer, wine, fruit juice, syrup and other food and beverage processing industries. Its high efficiency, environmental protection and renewable characteristics are favored by many enterprises in the industry.
At present, many manufacturers at home and abroad have begun to produce diatomite filter material, and the demand for this product in the market is also increasing. Industry insiders said that with the increasing demands of consumers on water quality and food safety, diatomite filter material will occupy a more important position in the future market.

Post time: Feb-14-2023