On February 3, 2020, at the critical moment of the fight against the “epidemic”, Jilin Yuantong Mining Co., Ltd., in order to support the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic, issued a new report to Linjiang City through the Linjiang City Industry and Information Bureau and the Linjiang City Federation of Industry and Commerce. The relevant units for the prevention and control of the coronavirus epidemic donated epidemic prevention materials and food worth about 30,000 yuan, which contributed to the prevention and control of the epidemic. The materials donated by Jilin Yuantong this time are mainly used for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Linjiang City to support the prevention and control personnel on the front line.
Since the Spring Festival of 2020, the new crown epidemic has swept across the country. The chairman and general manager of Jilin Yuantong Mining Co., Ltd. paid close attention to the epidemic, quickly activated the emergency response mechanism, and organized the establishment of a new coronavirus prevention and control work leading group under the leadership of general manager Sun Yanjun , Formulate a work plan for resuming work and production after the holiday, arrange the purchase of epidemic prevention materials, organize various units to investigate the situation of returning personnel, comprehensively carry out prevention and control work, adhere to positive publicity and guidance, and use the company’s various publicity platforms to transmit epidemic prevention and control information, and strengthen The strength of the company’s joint prevention and control.
In the face of the epidemic, Jilin Yuantong will strictly follow the unified deployment of relevant national departments, assume corporate social responsibility, continue to pay attention to epidemic prevention and control, and walk hand in hand with everyone to overcome the difficulties and work together to prevent and control the epidemic. The resistance war will definitely win the tough battle of epidemic prevention and control! Come on, Yuantong! Go Wuhan! Go China!

Post time: Feb-03-2020